Apparently scrubbing raw potatoes on your skin helps to clear pimples and acne scars.

Cut a slice of a raw potato and rub the moist part on your skin for about 30 seconds. Leave the potato juice on your skin to dry and wash afterwards.

Some people report it dries the skin a bit. Maybe the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals in potato juice make it antibacterial also. Some people also report potatoes help to face acne scars.

Now I’m not saying this will completely wipe out your acne problems, but I searched through different acne and health forums and it seems this helps many people.

You still need to live a healthy life, such as described in Clear for Life. But this can be a great additional treatment because health takes some time to kick in.

But as an alternative to chemical-based treatments this could be an option.

Costs next to nothing and you can find potatoes everywhere.

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  1. Jacqueline Says:


    I’ve never tried ‘natural’ acne remedies before, so I’d definately give this a go. Thumbs up!

  2. Tiffany Ray Says:

    I had acne scars on my face, mostly on my cheeks and my mom found a lady that did skin needling and made me go , I have tried everything and this the only time I felt confident in any treatments…I have had 4 treatments and you can barely see them.I really think this is the treatment for acne scars…just google in your area and see if someone your town does skin needling..Now I don’t mind being in differant light..

  3. Seppo Says:

    Great to hear you’ve found something that works for you.

    I don’t see anything bad in that. When you break the skin with needles it has to rebuild it. Perhaps this gives it a change to build healthy skin instead of scars.

  4. E.M. Says:

    Hello and thanks for all the great advice you’re posting here on your website! I have just started browsing it, but I’ve already found some very promising pieces of information which I will try as soon as possible.
    But there’s still a problem bugging me and I was wondering if you could also advise me in order to get rid of it. After getting rid of the pimples (mostly due to tea tree oil), I get marks and blemishes on my skin. You can’t really feel them when touching the face, they’re not swollen, but they’re very noticeable and reddish. I would truly appreciate to find out about a remedy in order to fix that.
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Seppo Says:

    Are you talking about red marks that are left after the pimple has faded? If so, those are just residual inflammation in the pore. The last stage of a pimple. They fade away in time, but it could take a while.

  6. Katie Says:

    I’ve been using raw potato for a couple of months now when I start to feel a breakout. It works wonders! Only once did it dry my face out, but that was when a farm of deep pimples decided to pop up in one area and I used the potato treatment for a week straight. I, too, have the marks after a zit and they’ve lasted for months. About two weeks ago, I started using Ambi dark mark cream. It is marketed for use to African-American women, but the “farm” marks are almost gone on my fair skin and they usually stay on my face for up to three months. Another thing I added is ‘Black soap’. You can find it in the African American section of Wal-Mart; it helps with skin tone and small bumps. Pure lavender and tea tree have also helped curb the breakouts. Just thought I’d share my discovery of natural cures that have worked for over a month now! My skin hasn’t looked this good in ages!

  7. Seppo Says:


    Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. Really appreciate it.


    Hi i too suffer from pimples and acne and have been suffering from it for many years now. Its really bad when you cant go out and feel comfortable or you cant click a picture with your friends when its so bad. But im searching the net to find good ways to treat them. This page has been really useful, I am going to try the raw potato trick. Also i used this medication called ‘Differin’ its a cream it really does help! try it out! and even aloe vera plants.

    Take care

  9. t justice Says:

    i’ve suffered with scars on my face because of mean picking at my acne and what not an i’m hoping this will help

  10. kendra Says:

    How long does it take for this to work?

  11. Laura Says:

    Hmmmm….I will have to give it a go then, I will have to make up an excuse for my mum to buy them though :I

    I might be a bit awkward it my mum walkes in on me with potato on my face…..just aslong as it helps I will do anything.

  12. lth213 Says:

    i’ve used potatoes. except i peeled then shreded them to get more juice. It works very well especially with getting rid of acne scars.

  13. smriti Says:

    The raw potato works wonders for skin. i noticed difference in a weeks time itself. Also it seems to be a natural bleach for skin as it improved my skin tone two shades fairer too.

  14. JJ Says:

    Hey I waxing my face and I dont kknow what was wrong with the wax but it left pimples and my face burns (im not allergic to this wax I use it a lot) and I was searching to see if potatoes helped, because whenever my face burned potatoes always fixed it. Anyway, this helped and my face is now clear, that only took 5 minutes! Thank you so much(:

  15. sam Says:

    this thing seriously works!

  16. Elise Says:

    Thanks for the useful advice, I have also found that tomatoes and lemons work wonders too. Another thing, how long does it take for this to work??? And how often and for how long should I be applying it???

  17. lee Says:

    Could you advice whether raw potato helps in boil scars too ??

  18. Elia Says:

    Rub half of a potato on each side of the face with small circular motions and afterwards you let it dry and without washing you slice a lemon and use them in the same way as the potato before going to sleep without rinsing.

  19. haifa Says:

    how long does it take? 5 minutes?

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