Few days ago Dobre emailed me asking about alkaline water.

I recently started doing a little research on the effect of alkaline/acidic water on acne and health in general, and to be honest, I`m really amazed at what I found.
The reason I`m writing this email now, is because I want to know your opinion on the subject, and maybe you could do a blog-post-response something like that, to let people know if this is a scam or it may help. :)

As you may guess from the title I don’t share her enthusiasm.

This looks just like the other health fantasies and miracle cures that plaque the natural health field.

According to promoters alkaline water is supposed to:

  • Bring the body back to healthy alkaline state
  • Detoxify the body
  • Hydrate you better than normal water
  • Act as an antioxidant
  • And pretty much cure every ill that has plagued humanity aside from global warming – but hold on that one will probably be added to the list also.

And it’s as simple as drinking water treated with their special machine or drops.

So excuse me if I’m little skeptical.

I couldn’t find any independent verification to these claims. Most positive comments come from people selling these machines and drops. And many of their claims would pass as science fiction. Most credible scientists laugh at them.

I know scientists aren’t always the best source when it comes to new developments in the health field. Energy healing and mind over matter are just few examples. Still the evidence against these claims is staggering.

Let’s look at alkalizing the body first.

Most of this acid/alkaline theory is complete nonsense. The body controls the pH of blood very carefully. It has to because even minor variations would be dangerous or even lethal. It has very good mechanisms for doing this.

Breathing is the primary mechanism for this. As a result of cellular metabolism you develop acidic wastes. Breathing out removes this waste through the lungs. The body also has buffers of alkaline and acids minerals that it uses to maintain proper pH. Any excess acid or alkalinity will be removed via kidneys.

This system works very well and you do not want to mess it up by trying to over-alkalize your body.

Decades of eating acidic and unhealthy foods do degrade the body, and it’s forced to store these acids or toxins into your tissues. Simply because it cannot eliminate them quickly enough. The only thing you have to do is to stop eating these. Instead eat healthier foods.

I don’t believe alkaline water does anything to remove these acidic wastes. Simply because alkaline water stops being alkaline the moment it hits your stomach. Stomach acids are highly acidic and mildly alkaline water does nothing to neutralize them.

And you wouldn’t even want that. Because your stomach needs to be acidic for digesting foods.

When you drink alkaline water the stomach responds by producing more stomach acid to maintain acidity. Due to nutritional deficiencies most people have far too little stomach acid to begin with. Further depleting it simply causes more digestive problems.

Another detox miracle

It seems that almost every week we discover a new miracle substance or process and easily, gently and thoroughly detoxes or flushes toxins out of your body.

They are all based on delusional fantasies about detoxing and how it works. They are always based on the idea  that something external is capable of removing poisons from the body. Somehow these inert substances spring into life when they come in contact with toxins and shovel them out of the body when you just kick back and relax.

Last time I checked I had to use the power within my body to put them into my mouth. I have yet to discover a substance that would on its own spring into my mouth. They are no more capable of detoxing your body as they are getting into your mouth on their own.

It’s always the body that detoxes and nothing external can affect the process.

Yes the body uses water to dilute toxins and then eliminate them. But you don’t need alkaline water for that. Simple, pure water works the best.

Antioxidant potential

Alkaline water is also claimed to act as an antioxidant.

The ‘proof’ of this is that oxygen reduction potential (ORP) of alkaline water is much better than normal water. They have nice looking meters to show you this is the case. ORP means the potential to reduce oxygenation (for example rusting or the process that turns cut apple brown).

I just haven’t seen any evidence that this ORP would have an antioxidant effect in the body. Further when you consider that real antioxidants (such as oranges) sometimes have positive and sometimes negative ORP values (alkaline water has negative ORP that that is claimed to be the key to antioxidant power). So if real antioxidants sometimes contradict this ORP claim I wouldn’t put much weight on it.

The hydration claim seems equally bogus.

The claim goes that alkaline water is restructured. They say normal water has clusters with 10 to 12 molecules. Restructuring reduces the cluster size down to 5 or 6 molecules. These smaller clusters are said to be able to penetrate cell walls better and thus hydrate you better.

Of course they forget the fact that water enters cells one molecule at time. So the cluster size is irrelevant to the hydrating power. There’s more to this story, and at the end of the post I’ll provide few references for you to check out if you are interested.

What about all the people alkaline water healed

The most impressing thing in the sites selling machines that alkalize water are the testimonials from normal people and doctors. So many people seem to have been cured from various illnesses by drinking alkaline water.

So it must be the real deal – right?

Well, the human mind is an interesting system. Once you’ve bought into something you’ll do everything to prove you are right. That’s simply how the human mind and our beliefs work.

So any potential health benefit is immediately attributed to alkaline water. Even though there could be many explanations to it.

Most people are dehydrated anyway and that leads to many illnesses. Simply drinking more water can ‘cure’ people. They could have also become more health conscious and change their diet and lifestyles.

Then there’s the placebo effect.

As humans we are quite capable of imagining all the evidence we require to convince us that we and our beliefs are correct.

I’m not saying this is necessarily the case. I’m just saying that the testimonials are not really credible proof that something works. Neither, or I should say especially so, is not discussion at curezone.com. Curezone is perhaps the best source of health fantasies on this planet.

So in conclusion I’m highly skeptical that alkaline water would have any healing power over normal, pure water. It may, but given that the promoters make such ridiculous claims and have no credible proof to back it up, I remain highly skeptical, and would rather use the $1000+ those machines cost to something else.

Until proven wrong, use this as a rule of thumb.

Anytime you see anything that promises to fix or heal you without you having to change your diet or lifestyle, it’s probably not worth your time or money.

Clear for Life – The Fun, Easy and Delicious Solution to Permanently Clear

Here are few resource to check out regarding alkaline water:

“Ionized” and alkaline water – snake oil on tap: http://www.chem1.com/CQ/ionbunk.html
Does Alkaline Water Promote Health? by Dr. Weil: http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/id/QAA98873
Ask Alice: Alkaline water – Is it better for your body?: http://www.goaskalice.columbia.edu/4067.html
ACID OR ALKALINE? by Dr. Gabe Mirkin: http://www.drmirkin.com/nutrition/1603.html



After looking into the matter a bit more it seems that ‘alkaline’ water might have antioxidant properties.

I found few studies from Asia that indicates that alkaline water could protect against oxidative stress.

Still, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions from abstracts of few studies. It’s too easy to rig the studies to show what you want. Plus from the abstracts it wasn’t clear whether the studies were human or in vitro (in the test tube or petri dish).

So it’s possible alkaline water has antioxidant properties.

If you are interested of looking at the papers here are few links:

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30 Responses

  1. Neutro Says:

    Hey, thanks for doing the blog post. It`s really interesting what you have said and pretty convincing.

    I`m really trying to find the truth about this without spending my hard-earned money.

    So, let me start with saying that I`m a man (not “As you may guess from the title I don’t share HER enthusiasm.”) :P

    I`ve looked up those sites and found an article that was questioning this “Snake oil on tap” thing.

    Here it is: http://glowing-health.com/science-and-myths/snake-oil-part1.html

    To my surprise they also promote fasting, cleansing and detox. They provide a link at the bottom of the page, something with detoxify…

    Anyway I think that this stuff is really controversial and the only way is to actually test it.

    I will propose to the distributors in my country if they have somekind of “warraty” for testing. Like a 2-week returning time.

    Thanks for the article, it really puts you to think if this is really a scam or someone wants this thing gone from the public.

    I will come back with what I will find.



  2. Christen Says:

    So I don’t think you are a scientist.. but do you have any scientific evidence to prove that this doesn’t work?

    Where are your examples of healthy meals/ diets? Could you share what you eat – like a one day meal plan?

  3. Ivette Says:

    Hi Seppo I really ejoy reading every single one of your publications. It was not until the other night that I came to the realization that one’s mind state has a lot to do with acne … However; I think I need more information about how the mind is connected to the body… what is the relation here??? especially w/ acne …. Help me please!!!!

  4. Seppo Says:


    Sorry about that. One more complication of globalization : )

    I looked at the site you mentioned. Quite interesting. Though the tone is quite different. They talk mostly about the benefits of clean water instead of alkaline water.

    But if those alkalizing machines work out the be the cheapest way to produce clean water, that already makes them a good investment.

    I don’t think it’s scam as such – at least not intentional. I think, like with most supplements and alternative health stuffy, people promoting these machines and drops really do believe into them.

    My point with this article was that I’m not quite convinced alkaline water would have any benefit over normal, clean water. But if those machines are the cheapest way to produce clean water, then they could be a good investment.

  5. Seppo Says:


    I’m not a scientists and I don’t have any scientific evidence that this doesn’t work.

    My point was that so far I haven’t seen any convincing evidence this would be any better than normal, clean water. It may be, but so far I haven’t seen anything very convincing.

    My diet? In the morning I usually have a green smoothie. Lunch is usually my one cooked meal. Here in Thailand it’s often Thai food, or some days I’ll go and get a salad buffet. In the evening I often just eat fruits.

  6. Seppo Says:


    Thanks for the nice comments.

    The mind/body connection is really complicated. I don’t think anybody really knows what happens and how it works.

    But I’m convinced it’s a factor in acne. I know it’s a factor in your health. It’s hard to be in good health if you are chronically negative or pessimistic.

    I’ve also noticed that positive people get far better results with Clear for Life than negative people do. They seem to persist better through the though spots that one has to go through during the healing process.

    For this reason mental attitude is one element I ask you to focus on in Clear for Life, and I’m putting together a book on how to get over chronic negativity and stress acne might be causing.

  7. Emma Says:

    I was reading through these blogs and I can say I’ve heard so many health fantasies that sometimes you really think “are they out of their minds?” Being a sensible girl, I would say that foods, just like water, are better taken in in their most natural state. My grandmother was one of the healthiest person I’ve seen and she doesn’t take in any food that is processed (not in their natural state), at least most of the time. Simple is the best was her motto.

    I have another topic that I would say will interest most ladies out there. I think I am a pretty healthy person but I notice that when I have my menses (monthly period) I get a few pimples. But they eventually disappear after my period. Is this a hormonal thing, or just genetics? There are a few times though that I don’t get any pimples during my period. So it’s intriguing for me. Can you advise me on how this can be prevented (the pimples during menses)? Thanks a lot for all your help.

  8. Charles Says:

    This is actually pretty funny, are you referring to the “Rife” machines that make this Alkaline Water?

    If so it’s very ironic. My mother has tried to help me by telling me that drinking the water processed in the machine is pH balanced and would help me clean up my system by simply drinking it. To be honest I’m just as skeptical but to please her I did drink it but I’ve got no proof to whether it’s helped or not.

    She also got some sort of “Acid” water that processed with this “RIFE” machine and said that it would help if I sprayed it on my face to help get rid of my Acne, this of course I think made it worse. At least appeared to make it worse.

    I’ve been using your tips, so far I’ve got the first two (Green Smoothies, Breathing) as much as possible. However I didnt have anything but bananas, peach’s and apples to make them with. So until I get more vegetables around here it’s on hold. It seems to of helped a little.

    Anyway thanks for this article. Very informative.

  9. Seppo Says:


    Your grandmother was absolutely right. Simple is the best way.

    Of course I can’t comment about acne during periods from personal experience. Still many women who follow Clear for Life have emailed me that over time that has stopped. They also report that pain and mood swings have reduced or totally gone away.

    As long as the body is in good health I don’t see why it couldn’t handle periods without any problems. It’s a totally natural thing anyway.

  10. Seppo Says:


    Yes, I’m referring to RIFE and other similar machines that produce acid and alkaline waters.

    Glad to hear green smoothies have helped a bit. Just keep up with it and integrate other healthy habits and over time you’ll see bigger changes.

  11. kim wally Says:


    this is the link to an article that appeared in the Australian magazine called “nexus” it certainly gave us pause re the alkaline water thing.

  12. kim wally Says:

    kim wally wrote:
    i wouldn’t confuse Rife machines with alkaline water machines.Rife machines are in another ball park -there is plenty on the web and in books about royal rife and the ongoing research into his frequency machines.
    I agree that filtered water, fasting,organic juices fresh air,good mental habits,laughter ,love and.spirituality, all work together to help us enjoy good health.The reverse is also true.
    cheers kim

  13. kim wally Says:

    By Jan Roberts.
    The notion that alkaline water can cure a host of illnesses is refuted by evidence that it can cause health problems as a result of stomach acid production going into overdrive.

    an article in Australian “Nexus”magazine worth a read imo

  14. J G Says:

    My son has been struggling with severe acne (accutane level) brought on by hormones and loading up on gatorade/power drinks at a summer football camp a year ago which overloaded his system – suspected pancreas, kidney and liver poisoning. We have tried everything after finding out that he is allergic to benzoil peroxide – makes his face swell up like a balloon. So he’s done colon cleanses, gave up milk and sugar, downs smoothies, green drinks, juicing. Which helped some, sometimes after breaking out worse, but did not make him clear. The one thing he has not tried is fasting, because he is an athlete at a fairly low weight and can not afford (he says) to lose any more weight. At least diet is important to athletes. Vitamin B5 was a miracle for a while, but its effectiveness wore off. Diet and B5 almost got him clear last spring but then end of school year pizza parties with sodas, ice cream and candy brought the acne roaring back. He is currently seeing a naturopath (1 month) that cured me several years ago of long lasting kidney pain from salmonella food poisoning who has him on digestive enzymes aimed specifically at digesting fats and milk-wheat-sugar (which he tested as being intolerant of) and was told to avoid these foods as much as possible for now and keep consumption of these foods as low as possible in the future. Butter, olive, flax, coconut and nut oils ok in moderation, no canola oil – called rape seed in the middle ages for its ability to induce abortion. No milk or peanut butter (almond butter, almond milk & almond cheese instead), sprouted wheat bread if he must eat wheat, lots of veggies and fruit both raw preferably, nuts ok in limited amounts, less carbs, no fruit juices or processed or canned food and for kids the toughest – no sugar. He’s on stevia and xylitol. Yogurt, cottage cheese and goat milk in small amounts (he’s still avoiding). Organic free range eggs and grass fed beef, chicken, turkey and fish ok for him – but each patient can have different food tolerances. She has treated several post accutane patients, one who had permanent skin discoloration, and is confident of results from diet & digestive enzymes. Her clinic does colon irrigation, but my son says no way, so he is colon cleansing instead. Once his system is back in balance, then most foods even acne causing can be tolerated in low doses with the addition of digestive enzymes when “falling off the wagon”. She said his pancreas had been depleted of digestive enzymes as well as the liver, and the body was not able to make them, but will once the enzyme reserves are restored and diet stays excellent. She wrote a paper in a naturopathic journal back in the 70s about how her clients were arriving with grocery bags filled with vitamins and a good diet, but that digestive enzymes seemed to be the missing link for many of them. She tested him with a palpitory response test to find out he had a very sluggish liver and right kidney that was not working well either. His skin is clearing faster than I’ve seen with good diet and the enzymes, actually the inflammation subsided in 1-2 days on starting digestive enzymes (Thera Zyme – may only be available through naturopaths since there are several types aimed at different organ systems which is suppose to be diagnosed – he’s on liver, skin & pancreas – milk/wheat/sugar digestion + parasite/candida cleanse and a colon cleanse). One hamburger and fries with ice cream at a football game came right out on the skin the next day and lasted on his face for several days – great feedback. She said that clearing would take 1-3 months depending on quality of the diet and getting the enzyme stores rebuilt. The doctor wants him to slowly gear down the B5 to balance out the other vitamins (megadosing one B vitamin depletes other vitamins). He stopped B5 cold turkey, because he does not want to take more pills with the enzymes, but the enzymes seems to be taking B5′s place in clearing. She also wanted him on good clean water – especially no fluoride, chlorines or chloramines. (Do some research on fluoride toxicity – skin problems are one of the many side effects from this poison). I have been doing reverse osmosis of our water at home with a removable kitchen filter for drinking and cooking, standard filtering (Brita – a Clorox company, hmmm they make money putting it in and taking it out) does not remove highly reactive fluorine. Bottled/canned juices, soups and processed food actually concentrate fluoride in the treated water they are cooked in. No fluoride toothpaste. Organic meat and veggies as much as possible to help reduce the toxin load – fluorine along with many other nasty chemicals are a major ingredient in most pesticides and herbicides. I am considering a whole house filter specifically to get fluorine and chlorine out of the shower water which is suppose to effect and be absorbed by skin. I also purchased a Vitalizer Plus for creating hexagonal alkaline water – cheaper (still expensive at $500) than most of the ORP/alkaline machines and works with magnets and minerals and a vortex to oxygenate and structure water to its clean spring quality crystalline form (yes, liquids also form crystals) – like a snowflake. But pure filtered water – RO, distilled or spring water has to be used or pollutants destroy the structure. The doctor recommended adding a pinch of salt to RO or distilled water to reduce acidity and replace the missing minerals, I whirl the water in a mineral matrix instead. Our chemically treated water molecules are all disorganized and broken from pollution. Structured hexagonal water is slightly alkaline and oxygen rich which is a way to get water hydrogen bonds structuring more closely to what you would get from a natural spring that has been magnetized by the earth and whirled and oxygenated over rocks. Another Japanese scientist has taken pictures of water molecules from different areas of the world, a temple spring in Japan vs LA municipal water, funny I’ve had his book of water molecules on my table for years. Clean mountain spring water is beautiful in form, polluted water is broken up and disjointed (also microwaved water has a startlingly broken form). I can tell you personally that hexagonal water detox is quite amazing after only a few days, I take whatever my son has to take – I can feel pangs in my kidneys, liver and knees, and have had to slowly build up the amount I drink. My nose started running immediately after drinking the first 8 oz glass. Hexagonal Water by MJ Pangman and The Water Puzzle and The Hexagonal Key by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon (one of the original scientists exploring structured water) are interesting books. Hexagonal water has supposedly cured quite a few people with acne and eczema (which my son had as a baby – he seems to be a canary in the coal mine for toxins). I’ll keep you posted to let you know what we think of hexagonal water and its effect on skin. But to me it just seems to make sense that if you clean up your diet, you need to also make sure you have good clean spring quality mineral rich water – just like our ancestors once drank.

  15. Seppo Says:


    Thanks for a detailed comment.

    I agree with you about the need for clean water. Anything we can do to minimize the toxic load our bodies are subjected to.

    I’m still not convinced that alkaline, hexagonal or any other ‘special’ water would be any better than simple and clean water.

    It may be. I don’t know everything there is to know about health.

  16. Steven Says:

    “In the morning I usually have a green smoothie. Lunch is usually my one cooked meal. Here in Thailand it’s often Thai food, or some days I’ll go and get a salad buffet. In the evening I often just eat fruits.”

    hi if thats your daily diet thats like under 1000 calories a day for a guy.. isnt that dangerous since your body enters starvation mode? and how do you even gain muscle from that kind of diet?

  17. Seppo Says:


    From where did you get that 1000 calories figure? Because it’s way off the base.

    My morning smoothie alone is usually 800 calories. I’m anything but starving.

    It’s not that difficult to get enough calories on this diet. 1000 calories is only 10 bananas, and, when I’m are hungry, I go through those in 10 minutes.

  18. Steven Says:

    isnt small frequent meals better for you to spread out the calories into 5 – 6 meals per day, 300 – 500 calories per meal? 10 bananas kinda too much in a sitting

  19. Seppo Says:

    I just eat until I’m satisfied. No more, no less. 10 bananas in one sitting was just an example to show that it’s not that difficult to get calories from fruits.

  20. Dan Gutermuth Says:

    You are right in some areas of alkalized water. The ph of water does not have a dramatic effect. On an empty stomach the alkaline just passes through the stomach. The acid released is only when you have food in your stomach. The antioxidant in water is hard to compare to say an orange. You have to use ORAC for food and an ORP for water. Try putting an apple in tap and in water with an ORP of -400 and you will see a dramatic difference in the oxidative process.

  21. Will Says:

    I hope you’re still checking this because i would like a response. Alkaline water does have physiological changes from a biochemical level. As it obviously reduces stomach acid (acid-base reaction), the stomach will work to maintain a ph of 4. As HCl is being produced by the stomach a bicarbonate buffer is produced as the conjugate base. This is your good old blood buffer system. So basically by drinking alkalized water you are increasing your blood’s buffer potential (ability to resist acidosis). Chronic acidosis has links to acne. It may not be “natural” but it may be healthy.

  22. Seppo Says:


    I can’t comment much since I don’t know the topic extensively enough. But I do have my doubts as the human body rarely behaves in such a simplistic fashion as you described.

    Anyway, you don’t need alkaline water to test this theory. You could just eat baking soda and it would alkalize your stomach much more effectively than alkaline water ever could.

    What you describe could happen, but what I think will happen is that you deplete the nutrients and minerals required for making HCL and end up screwing up your digestion because your body can’t make HCL anymore.

    You also don’t need anything fancy to ‘alkalize’ your blood. You could just hyperventilate and that alone alkalizes your blood, and much faster than alkaline water could.

    What really ticks me with this alkaline water thing is that you can’t make pure water acid or alkaline. If the water is to be alkaline it has to have impurities to begin with.

  23. Carol Singleton Says:

    People who are quick to give advice on issues and products that they have never tried should not voice their negative opinion.

    I am a licensed Esthetician and have seen the excellent effects the Kangen water has had on skin. The skin that has thinned from age and sun is made thicker somehow with the water. The collagen is repaired on cellular level. It is a fantastic fountain of youth as far as I’m concerned. Give it a couple of months and you will see results. One must drink the water and spritz the skin. Use as a final rinse for hair. Most scalp conditions will clear up. Also excellent for slimming down the excess fat.

    Try it before you knock it!

  24. Abe Wyatt Says:

    I’m not a Dr. nor a scientist, just a thinker and researcher. Fire is interesting. It can do many things. Used properly, it can cook food, warm a home, make steel from ore,, etc. Used improperly, all kinds of problems may occur.
    From what I’ve read, ionized water is the same. Do not drink within 30 minutes before eating, nor for an hour after. No stomach problems. Drink with food in your stomach, and you’ve got problems. Drink it for skin problems and it may or may not help. Soak or spritz it on certain areas and wonders may occur. There seems to be no practical way to remove Flouride from most City water systems, and the ionizing process also does not do it, BUT, if the ionization of the water helps the immune system in the body become stronger, it may reduce the effect of the Flouride.
    Just some thoughts.

  25. Lenny Says:

    As the web master for vitalizer plus I am open to the truths about all of these issues. I’m almost convinced that the vitalizer does what they say it does. I know the Ionizers don’t do what they say they do. MJ Pangman lists seven reasons to avoid Ionized alkaline water at this location seven reason Not to Drink Ionizer alkaline Water. she even references the article from nexus magazine. the issue with fluoride is much deeper. fluoride was a toxin originally used as an insecticide it was place in the water because it as with everything else our governments do appeared to offer oral health but it is still toxic to all living creatures. my son had been living in the fast last and was showing the results of the toxins in his body by way of his dermis he was breaking out all over. he has since changed his ways but I believe a lot of his issues where due in part to the fluoride consumption through local city water sources vitalizerplus has a news video on the site that discusses the fluoride issue. It is very scary to think that our governments are so blind to the science of water. I’m not trying to sell anything here and like I said I’m just a webmaster but I am on the look out for verifiable information. your blog is both interesting and fair. I commend you on it. and I could not down 10 bananas in ten minutes to save my life. I’d be full after the first two. keep up the good work.

  26. ted Says:

    Excuse me. This alkaline thing cured my auntie’s breast tumor, and it also made her internal body clean because even she is sweating too much she don’t have smell, and she also stop using any deodorant to prove that it is really work.

  27. Peter Says:


    My Friend started fasting for 10 days 3 days ago and drinking alkaline solution in an effort to adjust the ph balance of his body to lose weight.

    I googled “Acne and Alkaline” and this blog came up in the search results.

    On day 2 of his fast, I noticed he had a pretty bad acne breakout on his face, Day 3 the acne was still there but a bit better.

    For some weird reason, this fascinates me, I believe that his acne breakout is caused by his sudden change in diet and I am trying to understand the bodily chemical processes that could be causing this. He is in his late 30′s and also a vegan and could stand to lose 20-30 lbs (although I don’t understand how having a vegan lifestyle could lead to being overweight)

    Could you enlighten me with your knowledge of the relationship between bodily ph levels and acne please?


  28. brittany Says:

    alkaline water really does help for acne. it is the best thing i have ever used. ever since i was 11 years old which im now 19, ive been on numerous perscription creams, and ointments from a variety of different dermatologists. retin-A, clyndamice, benzole peroxide, sulfur face wash, natural treatments, etc. and nothing has ever worked as good as this. i just put a little alkaline water on my face at night and my skin has never looked better.

  29. Craig Yates Says:

    Watch the video on YouTube featuring Dr. Shinya the inventor of the colonscopy, who has done over 300,000 of them since 1968. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=han3AfjevOc
    He shows multiple colonoscopies before and after following his diet which focuses on daily consumption of high ORP alkaline water. Granted other healthy diet practices are a part of the comprehensive program. Pictures don’t lie, particularly when they come from the inventor.
    P.S. The Japanese Ministry of Health’s (kind of like the U.S’s FDA, but not full of ex-big pharma exec’s) endorsement of alkaline water is why it is found in their hospitals. Some snake oil.

  30. Christina Says:

    After perusing most of the very interesting blogs, epsecially re water – from personal experience I would say just drinking filtered rain/tank/ water is enough.
    A wonderful book to read (& HEED) is Keith – Scott Mumby’s book ‘Diet-wise.
    Available from his website
    This book is all you will ever need.

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