Few days back Oliver emailed me and asked if I know something about a product called 7 Day Acne Detox, available at http://www.7dayacnedetox.com/.

Call me paranoid, but the moment I laid my eyes on that page I knew something was not quite right about it. Perhaps I’ve just seen too many of these stories.

It didn’t take too long to discover that the same beloved characters that brought us such heart warming scams as Acnetix and Acnexus are also behind the 7 Day Acne Detox miracle. Namely the colorful characters at Garrett DeVore Labs, or GD Labs.

Now by calling this a scam, I don’t mean that they just take your money and run. No, they probably do fulfill their end of the bargain. So you do get a nice plastic bottle with some nice pills inside it. But I believe that by creating these products GD Labs has their eyes more on your wallet than helping you to get clear.

Let’s see why I believe so.

First, the website just doesn’t look believable at all. It looks like something that’s been thrown together quickly. If I would have spent time, money and effort to come up with a serious product I would also spend time making sure the website reflects that. But perhaps that’s just me.

Enter the anonymous ‘she’

Perhaps they are just really bad at this, but when you suddenly introduce a mysterious ‘she’ in the middle of the sales letter as the heroine of the story, to me that just smells like a cheap scam. I mean, who is this ‘she’? Where did she come from? What’s her relevance to this? Is ‘she’ part of your so-called research team that accidentally discovered this 7 Day Acne Detox miracle product?

Please don’t keep me in suspension. I want to know!


But the surprises aren’t over yet.

Introducing the family where everyone has acne!

Perhaps this is another conincidence, but the mysterious ‘she’ is really fortunate that her equally anonymous family and friends also have acne! Another blessing from the lady luck is that her miraculous discovery cured them all in one big swoop.

Boy, she really must be onto something if her whole family and all of her friends cured their acne with these miracle pills.

Why isn’t she on Oprah already? The people need to hear about this miracle!


Unfortunately in the midst of their excitement to bring this miraculous product and alleviate your suffering they forgot to correct the rather obvious typos in their sales letter. But we can forgive that since this is obviously one small person fighting the system in altruistic quest to alleviate the suffering of others.

But wait there’s more.

You just gotta love these FAQs

The 7 Day Acne Detox pills seem better by the minute. Just look the answers to these FAQs.

7-day-acne-detox-faq I mean, this product is so good that they have to warn you that your skin might clear up too quickly!

Boy, I wish I had something that good. But I guess 7 Day Acne Detox just wipes the floor with the competition. I guess I just have to quit doing this now, and get back to 9 to 5.

Perhaps you are smarter than me and can explain the dangers of skin clearing up too quickly. Perhaps it’s just too much for some people to handle and it makes them go crazy or something.

Please use the comment section to enlighten me.

Another amazing feature of the 7 Day Acne Detox is that the more acne you have the faster it clears up. Boy, do I now feel sorry for those with only a mild acne. Well, another reason for me to pack up and start writing my CV.

And of course the 7 Day Acne Detox doesn’t just cure your acne, it also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. And on the other page it said that users also lose weight.

In an earlier post I mentioned that GD Labs is a diverse company marketing weightloss, anti-aging and wrinkle reduction products in addition to their acne treatment line. I guess this is where the diversity really pays off. They can pull from their research and experience in many fields to create one super product.

It really gets depressing when you are faced with such overwhelming competition.

OK, let’s get serious again.

I touched on this when I wrote about Acnexus, but it seems that there’s a ring of few ‘review’ sites that post glowing reviews of all the GD Lab’s products. Other products are referred with less than admiring comments.

Coincidence again?

Maybe, or perhaps the same people are also create these review sites. So far I’ve identified these as part of the ring:

  • http://www.researchacnetreatments.com
  • http://www.sybervision.com/reviews/reviews.php
  • http://getacnetreatments.com/
  • http://www.pricesexposed.com/
  • http://www.acnecuresrevealed.net/

There are probably more. And they seem to come up with new review sites all the time. Just like they seem to be creating new acne treatment products all the time.

They also post and ask questions at Yahoo! Answers and other similar sites. Of course their products always seem to work so well.

And the same thing happens at acne.org and other acne forums. For some reason the people posting good reviews of these products are always new members with one or only few posts. More established members seem a bit more skeptical.

They also sell their products at eBay.

At least these guys are involved:

At the time of writing at least other one of these had less than admiring comments on his/her guest book.


The smoke screen operation continues with supposedly independent people writing guides and reviews of these products at eBay. Just makes me wonder why they only review the products by GD Labs?

Here’s one example http://search.reviews.ebay.com/members/mckayster_W0QQuqtZg

Finally Rip Off Report had quite a few complaints about Garrett DeVore Labs. Here’s a link to the search results:

Again, I’m not saying they are going to take your money and run. But perhaps you want to hear the other side of the story also before putting your trust on these people.

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26 Responses

  1. Jac L Says:

    Holy Christ, that’s scary!!!!

  2. Lovecats Says:

    good thing i saw this before i bought it.
    Its sad that they screw around with peoples lives and money like that.

  3. Fay Says:

    I bought the stupid stuff for my son and his acne is now worse than ever…………he is crushed…………these Lab quacks are heartless…………….they torture animals and humans alike. Am glad I read your article. Will be less naive in future.

  4. Seppo Says:

    Fay, sorry to hear that happened to your son. If they don’t give you a refund you can ask your credit card company to revoke the charge.

  5. Luke Warren Says:

    Who is this mysterious “Oliver” mentioned in the first sentence? You nail another website for introducing a mysterious “she” but you did the same thing with “Oliver”

  6. Seppo Says:

    He’s one of my readers who emailed and asked if knew something about this product.

  7. Anna Says:

    I am so incredibly sad, I was using a regular non envasive cleanser on my face because my acne while very serious(cystic i’ve heard it described as) i have very sensitive skin well about a week ago i woke up and despite my effort my whole cheek had errupted in one lrg pimple only it had three different white heads on it, i was crushed and went to walgreens bit the bullet and bought acne free for sensitive skin, been using it five days, woke up yesturday and i have a rash around my mouth and nose, i could barely will myself to come to work, im so just plain sad, thats the only word for it i could use a fancier one but what i am is simply sad i dont know anyone with my same skin problems so everyone im around who knows me tries to pretend like it isnt noticeable, sweet but not really helpful. when i was reading the detox i was getting so happy and optimistic and now i want to crawl under a rock and die, vain i know but its not just how i look, it hurts, my face is burning all the time i can feel the bumps pulsing and i know thats gross but it true, i want to grab a razor and peel it all off…well i feel silly for ranting like this to nobody in particular but i do feel a bit better

  8. alex Says:

    if you go look at the 7 day detox one it changed. haha.
    so now it sort of explains it. wow,
    ugh. for a second there i thought i had actually found hope. i guess not :(

  9. karen Says:

    Hi anna!! I know how you feel but maybe you should try the peels or microdermabrasion, I heard is really good,a little expensive but I think it is worth it. I am about to start the process.

  10. Julia Says:

    Im so sad now!!! u got a good point. i found it on the internet and thought it was skeptical, now that i read this article i wont buy.

  11. Seppo Says:

    If you just saved money by not buying a product that’s probably a scam, why are you sad? You should be happy that you saved money and further frustration.

  12. Astrid Says:

    Ok so I tried this stuff…….. nothing.

    I guess it kept new acne from forming but its not like there was significant improvement with acne I already had =/ dont waste your money on this. Go to Murad.com and try their acne dietary supplements =]

  13. Suzanne Says:

    Wow – thanks for the warning. By the way, I find it interesting that the “7 day Detox Story” has now changed completely

    ’7 Day Detox was created accidentally. While watching the “OPRAH show on how to look 10 Years Younger in 10 Days a world renowned Dermatologist recommended 10 “SuperFoods” that if eaten every day will help you look 10 Years younger in Only 10 Days. The wife of 7 Day Detox’s CEO took the 10 Day challenge and had mixed results. She did not look 10 years younger as had been promised BUT she had COMPLETELY gotten rid of her Adult Acne without even Trying!’

  14. Seppo Says:

    Thanks for this update Suzanne. Sadly the internet makes it too easy to just come up with a fictional story and use it to push your products.

  15. heather Says:

    I find it interesting that you beat up on the doctors and salesmen and rightly so, but you are peddalling your own ance solution that costs the same as any other ance product on the market. I read the promotional for your book and it sounds like you are cornering your market rather than trying to help people with there skin. You could genuinly want to help …but apparently not for free.

  16. Seppo Says:

    I start giving my book away for free as soon as you go tell your boss that you are willing to work for free.

  17. Chelsea Says:

    The site apperance doesnt matter to me quite as much as it does to you :P I Love the indregients and can’t find these combos anywhere else. It does my body wonders!

  18. melly Says:

    Havnt tried it an i dont think i will. There are so many products that work on reducing your acne. i dont think that you can get ris of them forever however there are things you can do. Like taking lymphodran pluss, a natural produst that you can buy from naturopath or health shop costs around $35. It didnt cause me any further breakouts and helped clear up existing ones.

    Little things like eating healthy food make a big difference eventhough you may not think so. Ive heard tht chinese medicine can help but i havent tried it.

    I know what you are going through. It’s tough!!

  19. melly Says:

    im not sure about products that claim to clear skin in days. Ive tried taking vitb5 alone and that actually made my acne worse, i dunno this might work differently since there are many other ingredients in it. try seeing a naturopath if you are interested in trying the natural alternative.

  20. Jack Says:

    I Bought The Product not long back and still got it, used it for 7 days then off for 7 asit says, it did clear me up abit but once the 7 days off they all ame back again so am 5050 with it all. this site is totally true tho, every word (high5) just dunoo wha to do, wont them gone lol

  21. marcia willis Says:

    jus wanna say that i own and regularly use this product and have been acne free for 10 months now. jus eat healthy,take these pills, and drink at least 6 bottles of water everyday. boom, cure for acne…get healthy!

  22. kelvin Says:

    After taking the pills for about two weeks i have noticed improvement in my skin. It is total b/s that it will clear up acne in 7 days. You just have to wait it out, it works. I take 4 pills, twice a day. And I don’t take 7 days off. It works much better this way. Why take 7 days off? It will just work slower. If you look at the ingredients, they are all mostly natural, and it is all good stuff in them. No suspicious chemicals. If you look at the Vitamin B5 and B6, content, they are both very high, which is great.

  23. kelvin Says:

    The best advice I can give is. Buy as many bottles as you can, do not take the 7 days off. in the long term you will notice results. may take a month before you notice any results, but be patient, stick with it. it is all good stuff in these pills. just research the ingredients.

  24. Robert Says:

    well if you research the product completely you will find that “she” is used correctly.
    copy & past moment =)

    The 7 Day Detox Story

    7 Day Detox was created accidentally. While watching the “OPRAH show on how to look 10 Years Younger in 10 Days a world renowned Dermatologist recommended 10 “SuperFoods” that if eaten every day will help you look 10 Years younger in Only 10 Days. The wife of 7 Day Detox’s CEO took the 10 Day challenge and had mixed results. She did not look 10 years younger as had been promised BUT she had COMPLETELY gotten rid of her Adult Acne without even Trying!

    Excited about her Acne-Free skin, she remembered that on the OPRAH show the Dermatologist had also recommended Green Tea instead of the typical morning coffee. He mentioned that Green Tea helps detoxify your skin on a cellular level, reducing toxicity and inflammation. NOW TIME FOR THE EXPERIMENT…

    Would these SuperFoods combined with other potent skin care antioxidants produce Similar Results?

    The Results We’re Nothing Short of ASTONISHING!

    IN ONLY 7 DAYS her acne prone skin, which has plagued her since adolescence, cleared up.

    The best results were noticed by her sister-in-law whose skin cleared up in Only 5 days. The slowest results were by her brother whose skin cleared up over a period of 4 weeks, but he said the he has never before felt better and more energized

  25. daniel Says:

    yes the 7 day acne detox is defo a scam, i have sufferd with acne for years and tryed every lotion known to man,. then just 2 months ago i found this chinese medicine shop round the corner from where i live,i bought some herbel medicine its a mixture of diffrent herbs taken twice orally this stuff is incredible i cleared my face and back up in less than a month and i felt a million dollars i struggled sleeping off it through the first 2 weeks, thats the only down side but trust me this is no hype its called ???? the shop isnt on the internet if you want further details email me i’ve been scam’d so many times with stuff its horrible the old man thats got the shop makes the remidies him self, he looks like that guy out of karate kid the old chinese man. lol anyway i had it bad i noticed within the first few days that this stuff was working ive looked for it on the internet i cant find anything like it, guess i wont if he’s making it himself anyhow if anyones intrested might not work for everyone my email is [email protected] give me a holla and i email you back. dan

  26. Juno Says:

    I found this article quite true. But i find that the first few comments look a bit fake, not customer reviews. The product might not be as good but they are still good stuffs. It wont make your acne worse right? Think about it, the product is natural, no chemicals plus full of vitamins.

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